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Taking care of your mind, body, and soul. Self Care

Yoga is mindful movement. It helps us to bring fluidity back to our bodies.  And helps us to be more aware of our mind, body, and soul.  

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Meet Anna Abshire

For years I suffered in silence with terrible headaches. Not really understanding why I would get them so much but just continued to suffer through the pain.  

I worked in an environment where it seemed like I wasn’t around items that should be causing these terrible headaches. I mean I was chef working in a kitchen all day with food.  And when it came to cleaning up the kitchen at night. I would always do my best to swap out a tedious cooking prep with some one so I didn’t have to clean my station with those harsh cleaner.  So how was it that I would still leave every night of work with these terrible headaches.

Never thinking to much into it because well I was in pain and I couldn’t put much thought into it then I just continued on.  Slowly after leaving the Culinary industry my headaches subsided a little.  Well until I would have to clean something but, again I never had put two and two together.

It wasn’t until I switched to an all natural plant and essential oil based cleaner that I was able to really pin point the problem. Then I began to think about what else was I using that could be causing these headaches and other problems that I am just living through.  So, I began to dig a little deeper. I found out that I was putting on over 80 chemicals and toxins on my body before I even left the house and they were causing all this unexplained pain on my body for years.  I have since then found an amazing company that I can whole heartily trust and I have switched out those products.  And I feel so amazing and the quality of life has gone up so much I can truly enjoy so many things that I couldn’t full enjoy because of the pain I was living with.  

Are you ready to improve your and your families quality of life with a few simple changes.  Then contact me I would love to help you and your family.

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