Breathing  Through The Chakras With The Help Of Essential Oils


Breathing through the chakras with the help of essential oils.
I wrote this book as a bonding tool for both my son and I. I wanted to create a way to teach him about the chakras with different properties, aspects, and of course Young Living essential oils. With each passage I wrote on each chakra I wanted to include these the color, the element, words that correlated, essential oils, and all while using images and sentences that used nature. I wanted to really focus on using nature because it helps tie us to God and helps us appreciate what we have. And I wanted to explain it through the natural gifts we see daily but we unfortunately are too busy to notice. So, I wanted to show case them. I added several aspects of the chakras so that each time he hears the book he will take something away from it. When he smells a Young Living essential oil that correlates with that chakra it will take him back to nature and create a new memory. And my hope is that being in touch with nature will help him to be more balanced throughout his life. After writing the book I knew that I had to share it with others because there are so many children who can also benefit from a book like this.
Teaching children about the chakras. Going through the fundamentals of the chakras, using color, elements, nature, words of inspiration and essential oils.
Why have I incorporated essential oils into this book?
Who doesn't love a book that is going to smell amazing? But that's not why.  I chose to incorporate essential oils because they are so stimulating to the brain.  They can help with memory, help with expressing emotion, and even help us feel calm and relaxed.  Essential oils are not include in the book but message the author and she can point you in the right way to the best essential oils out there.
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Here are some of the amazing messages I have received about being featured with the book in the Essential Oils Symposium 2020


                                Thank you everyone for all the kind messages I have received after being 

featured with the book in the Essential Oils Symposium

Here is what some people had to say.

Sarafina   "Hi Anna! Hello from New Zealand .
I just watched your video on YL Symposium how awesome!
As a reiki practitioner and a mama of 3 children i could really relate to what you were saying on your video and the book you have written."

Barb "I just finished listening to your book and your session at the symposium! I love it and need this book, several copies in fact. I'm sorry to hear your publisher pulled out. That's awful. They need their chakras balanced for sure! In a hurry so I'll check back when I have more time to read through! Thanks for the session!!"

Jenny  "I just finished your message through the YL Symposium and absolutely loved it. I want the book for my granddaughter, who is 5 years old (and also a copy for me). I finally figured out how to do it and ordered the one with 5 books and shared it on my FB page as well! Good luck."

Ilse"I loved your presentation in the EOS very much. Great idea to connect the color of the chakra with fruits a so. from nature, easy for kids to remember. Thanks a lot! Best regards from Austria Ilse (going to be grandma in november)"

Kristina " just finished watching your video and I can’t wait to get this book for my children! Thank you for sharing ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜" 

Vickie "I saw your video in Dr Olis  Symposium.     Awesome job!   So informative.  Honestly, it’s been the best video of the Symposium.    Your passion and love  shows through.   Thank you."

Jamie "Hi I just watched your video on essential oil symposium. I just love the book"

Bindi "Hi Anna, I enjoyed your presentation for the online symposium by Dr Oli, thank you!"

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