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About Us

Self Care Yoga prides on consulting others in what their needs maybe to help them and their mobility.  We work with you to find out what best suites your needs.  We work with you through yoga, the Beachbody workouts, or both what ever fit you best.

Self Care Yoga is also a contract yoga company. For hire for teaching group classes, corporate classes, retreats, private classes and so on.  

Self Care Yoga specializes in Adaptive Therapeutic Yoga and Aroma Yoga. 

Our Instructor

Anna Abshire is a 500 RYT Adaptive Therapeutic Yoga Instructor.  Anna is also registered in Aroma Yoga. TRX trainer. As well as a Beachbody Coach.

Anna has practiced yoga on and off since high school.  And noticed that every time she was away from yoga how her body had an urge for it.  It wasn’t until she began to practice more frequently that she noticed how much better it made her feel when she was practicing not only for her physically but mentally as well. Anna said she had found her true self.  And when adding Young Living essential oils to her practice she has found that she can deepen her yoga practice even more.

Her hope is to help others feel comfortable in their own body and to listen to what their body is telling them.  When it comes to working out Anna has also incorporated Young Living Essential oils in to her Beachbody coaching to help her students stay energized, motivated, and open minded.

Anna is a kombucha drinking, farmer’s market lover, walking YL essential oil diffuser, and a fun size person.

Yoga Classes Offered

Virtual Yoga

Join our Virtual Yoga Classes.  This is a monthly subscription of virtual yoga classes at your pace. 
Yoga on Demand. For you to pick and choose what kind of class you want to do daily.

 New classes added monthly.

Classes offered:
  • Gentle flow
  • Aroma Yoga Workshop
  • Heavy Heart flow
  • Chair yoga
  • Mommy & Me
  • Mommy & Baby
  • Kid Yoga

Adaptive Therapeutic Yoga Private Classes

 Self Care Yoga prides on consulting others in what their needs maybe to help them and their mobility.  We work with you to find out what best suites your needs.


Aroma Yoga

Aroma Yoga is the marriage between polarity yoga and aromatherapy. It helps us to explore our inner energy sources within us, our Chakras and the elements that manifest within them. Using Young Livings essential oils to help engage the Chakras even deeper.

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Gentle/Prenatal/ Postpartum Yoga
Gentle Yoga A gentle flow to help keep mobility in your body.  

Prenatal Yoga A gentle yoga that is helping prepare for the trimesters ahead and then helping your body prepare for birth.    

Postpartum Yoga Helping your body to recuperate and find mobility that you had before and during pregnancy.

Group Classes Offered at Studio
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Gental Flow Yoga

Vin Yoga 

Adaptive Yoga

Aroma Yoga

Mommy & Baby Yoga

Mommy & Me


Beachbody Coaching

NOT Your Usual Beachbody Coach
Ever started a workout routine and give up. Yeah me to!! 

The fact is if you can get through the workout you feel great, proud of yourself, and accomplished.  Then the next day hits and you can't move.  Your muscles were not per paired and body was not per paired either.  Well that maybe it. Right! Why would I do that again. And if you do decide to press on is your body still prepared for the next hit.  Then this coaching is for you. 

Or you continue to do you workouts but after a while you get in your head and you begin to talk yourself out of working out before you even start. Then this coaching is for you. 

Or have you ever continued to go through your daily workout routines and looked amazing on the outside and everyone is giving you complements and still felt empty.  That's because you are not loving yourself on the inside. Then this coaching is for you.

With this coaching we are not just addressing you Body.  We will me addressing you Mind, Body, and Soul. This is so important in a true transformation to really be one with yourself because that is when change really happens.
 I know I have been there.  I have done the workouts to just look good on the outside and felt like nothing ever changed on the inside.  But when you can be totally aligned with yourself that is when everything really begins to change. 

We will have challenges that will help you be in the best mindset for your Mind, Body, and Soul.

Getting started with BeachBody check out the Workouts Here 

Self Care Yoga & Wellness is so happy to become a Brand Partner with 
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Other Services

  • Zyto Scan
  • Private Consultant  
  • Private Classes 
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I like to understand my clients' lifestyle and make custom recommendations that may improve their well-being and overall enjoyment of life.

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