LLP Hack

Great for allergy support and helping the respiratory system stay clear. Peppermint, Lemon, Lavender 

Beachbody Home Workouts

We teamed up with Beach Body because they have so many works to offer Sweat or Stretch, there is something for everybody.  We also love their new On Demand feature you can pick the program you want to do or maybe do a Russian roulette and pick a new program each day. You can also do the workouts anywhere you want (home, on vacation, a friend’s house, etc.).   Again, it is at your time and pace you can do the work outs anytime of the day you need to.  Sometimes working out can be hard to stay on track so we also have an Accountability Group to help motive you to stay track.

Wellness Part of Self Care Yoga & Wellness

To learn more about what we offer please go to our website. 

Aroma Yoga

Learn how to balance your chakras with Young Living essential oils and yoga.  To learn more or schedule your practice. Go to or message me 

Essential oils

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