Love Yourself Challenge

What's included in this challenge:

  • 28 Days of Affirmation
  • Aroma Yoga Workshop and Practice $40 Value
  • AFT session (Aroma Freedom Technique a one on one session) $50 Value
  • Daily Education
  • Learn about the Chakras
  • Essential oils and how they can help support your bodies systems on a day to day basis's. 
  • Dig  deep to see what things you maybe holding against yourself
  • Look at the quality of food you maybe consuming. Is it just to eat or is it for energy?
  • What toxins you are applying that could be affecting your emotions?
  • Overall a $300 Value
For this challenge you will need the following:

Other items you might want:
  • Recovery from BeachBody or Aminowise from Young Living
  • Young Living Inner Child Essential Oil Blend
  • Young Living Release Essential Oil Blend
  • Young Living Transformation Essential Oil Blend
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